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Core Director

Nissi Varki, MD
Professor of Pathology

​Our Goal

The goal of Histopathology in the Comparative Phenotyping Core is to enhance and facilitate research at UC San Diego and the overall scientific community.

Histopathology services

Histopathology services offered by the Comparative Phenotyping Core include:

  • Training and assistance with harvesting organs and processing of tissues
    • Harvesting of mouse tissues, using optimal methods.
    • Freezing of organs, tissues and cells.
    • Fixing, orienting, processing and embedding in paraffin, of organs, tissues and cells.
  • Tissue sectioning
    • Preparation of paraffin sections.
    • Preparation of frozen sections and training as needed.
  • Standard staining, special stains, lectin histochemistry and immunohistology
    • Standard and specialized histochemical staining and training as needed.
    • Lectin histochemistry with controls and inhibitors.
    • Immunohistological staining, of frozen/paraffin sections with enzyme/fluorochrome-labels.
    • Antigen retrieval and signal amplification methods.
    • Assays for apoptosis or for proliferating cells.
  • Training and assistance with microscopic analysis and interpretation of histological studies
    • Advice on experimental design of histological studies.
    • Assistance with microscopic analysis, histological evaluation, interpretation, and photo-documentation.