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Glycoscience spans a vast array of topics. Members of the Glycobiology Research & Training Center (GRTC) have active research laboratories investigating a wide range of subjects. GRTC provides many opportunities for graduate and postdoctoral training.

Glycoscience of Women's Health


The newest initiative at GRTC UC San Diego will advance women's health research that are understudied and through glycosicience strengthen women's health and studies at a UC system level.

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Project Scope

Our aim is to apply specialized glycan analysis technologies to support new collaborative research in women’s health

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GRTC Research

Research Areas

Research Areas (under construction) is designed to help link topics with member research.

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GRTC Members

Check the Members page for a quick reference of all members and their research area.

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K12 Opportunities

K12 Career Development

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) established a national Consortium of 4 institutions to focus on career development of the next generation of biomedical investigators in Glycoscience.

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K12 National Consortium

NHLBI awarded career development grants to 4 premier institutions that form the National Consortium — each has created a program, shared across campuses, to train the next generation of researchers in Glycosciences.

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