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Phenotyping​ Core

About the Core

The Comparative Phenotyping Core is comprised of 2 service divisions: Histopathology & Hematopathology. We are dedicated to advancing research and supporting the next generation of scientists by offering services, educational resources, and training to the research community.


GHematology, blood serum chemistry, and coagulation services for mice.

Hematopathology Core


Guidelines & services for a comprehensive investigation of genetically altered mice.

Histopathology Core

Our Service Specialties

Our service specialties include:

  • Training and assistance with harvesting organs and tissue processing
  • Preparation of tissue sections
  • Standard and special staining, lectin histochemistry, and immunohistology
  • Analytical services for microscopy and histological studies
  • Hematology services
  • Blood and serum chemistry panels
  • Coagulation analyses

Contact Us

We highly recommend contacting the lab to discuss your project needs prior to beginning any work.

Histopathology Core

Core Director: Nissi Varki, MD
Lab Phone: (858) 534-2544
Biomedical Research Facility II, 4th Floor
Room 4217, Bay MM

Hematopathology Core

Core Director: Dzung Le, MD, PhD
Lab Phone: (858) 534-3172
Biomedical Research Facility II, 4th Floor
Room 4217, Bay LL