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Core Director

Dzung Le, MD, PhD
Professor of Pathology


Lab Phone: (858) 534-3172

Qiongyu Chen

Our Goal

The goal of Hematopathology in the Comparative Phenotyping Core is to enhance and facilitate research at UC San Diego and the overall scientific community.

Hematopathology Services

Hematopathology services offered by the Comparative Phenotyping Core include:

  • Hematology (e.g. complete blood count)
    Note: due to the highly perishable nature of of samples, these services are only available locally (within San Diego County). Samples older than 4 hours after collection will not be accepted.
  • Blood and Serum Chemistry (e.g. comprehensive metabolic panel, lipid panel)
  • Coagulation (e.g. PT, aPPT, coagulation factor activity, etc.)
  • Platelet Aggregometry

Please contact the lab via email to schedule an appointment, request services, and receive instructions for the shipping and handling of samples.