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Histopathology Services

Below is the list of Histopathology services offered by our Comparative Phenotyping Core. It is highly recommended that you converse with a trained mouse histotechnologist for help with planning experiments that will need histology analyses.

To obtain a quote and/or inquire about other services that aren't listed below, contact Dr. Nissi Varki:

Catalog # Procedure UCSD Non-UCSD
1 Full-service mouse necropsy $163 $236
1a Perfusion fixation $40 $59
1b Organ removal $25 $59
2 Automated processing of samples for embedding $19 $28
2a Paraffin embedding (per 10 blocks) $32 $46
2c Paraffin sections for step sections (per hour of technician time) $39 $57
3 Histochemical stains (per hour of technician time) $39 $57
3b Immunohistochemistry (per hour of technician time) $39 $57
4 Frozen sections (per hour of technician time) $39 $57
5 Consultation (per hour of pathologist time) $111 $160
6 Cryostat rental/other $10