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Advances in Glycobiology

MED 225, CHEM 237, CMM 225 | Every other spring quarter | Time: TBD 
Next Offering Spring 2025
Day: TBD
First Day TBD
Location: TBD
Co-Directors: Jeffrey Esko and Philip Gordts

Units: 4
Grading is based on regular attendance and class participation.

Advanced elective for upper level undergraduates, graduate, and health sciences students who have taken Introduction to Glycoscience (Chem 142/242) and courses in cell biology or biochemistry. This course consists of discussions of classic papers leading to modern concepts in glycobiology, with the objective of exploring the structure, metabolism, and function of glycans in biological systems. Students should develop a sense of the history of the field, seminal discoveries, and how these discoveries led to changes in the way scientists think about glycans. Students will be divided up into teams and make 1-2 presentations in consultation with a faculty member.