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Program for Career Development in Glycosciences (K12)

About the Program

TIn 2018, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) established a national Consortium of 4 institutions to focus on career development of the next generation of biomedical investigators in glycoscience. The ultimate goal of the Consortium is to transform and democratize glycoscience from a super-specialized research domain into the mainstream of biology and clinical translation such that glycans become an integral component of scientific thinking for future scholars and investigators, creating a pathway for major scientific breakthroughs specifically in heart, lung, blood, and sleep sciences.

The UC San Diego Program for Career Development in Glycosciences is a cross-disciplinary program for postdoctoral (MD, MD/PhD, and PhD) scholars at UC San Diego. Successful applicants to the program must commit to 1-3 years of rigorous coursework in glycoscience while completing mentored research under the direction of one of the approved program mentors. Candidates selected for the program will receive salary support, comprehensive training in glycoscience, guidance and mentorship to complete a glycan-related research project, and professional development as a scientist.

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All scholars interested in this program must first apply for a research position with an approved mentor. Following initial selection by the mentor, the mentor will submit an application package to the program leadership.