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Career Development in Glycosciences

Program Overview

The UC San Diego Program for Career Development in Glycosciences has been designed to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded training in glycoscience. The duration of the program is 1–3 years depending on prior experience. The program has the following general components:

  1. Individual Development Plan: Each scholar will formalize an Individual Development Plan (IDP) in collaboration with their Faculty Mentors to define their professional/career objective(s). The IDP will be reviewed annually to revise goals as needed and ensure the scholar's research and education plan are on track.

  2. Ongoing Mentored Research Project: Under the direction of the Faculty Mentor, the Scholar will work on a research project in the Mentor's laboratory.

  3. Achievement of Scientific Literacy & Competence in Glycoscience: Scholars will participate in hands-on and didactic coursework. Optional courses in career development skills are also provided.

  4. Networking & Communication: Scholars will have the opportunity to interact with eminent scientists in the field and to exchange information with other scholars through local meetings and national conferences.