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Career Development in Glycosciences Application Process

Application Requirements

  • Interested scholars must first apply for a research position with an approved GRTC Faculty Mentor.
  • The Mentor will submit an application, if the scholar fits the program criteria.

Application Package

To be considered, the faculty mentor should submit the following as a single PDF to
  • K12 Application Form (DOCX)
  • Mentor's statement regarding candidate (1 page or less)
  • Candidate's statement of interest in the program (1 page or less)
  • Complete CV of the candidate
  • Recent NIH Biosketch of Faculty Mentor
  • Current "Other Support" of Faculty Mentor

Selection Criteria

  • Citizen or permanent resident of the USA
  • MD, MD/PhD, or PhD in biomedical, chemical, bioengineering, or physical sciences
  • Acceptance by an approved Faculty Mentor
  • Strong letter of recommendation from Faculty Mentor
  • For MDs who have not done PhD thesis work, evidence of motivation to pursue basic research and
    significant past research experience before or during medical school and residency training
  • Demonstrated interest and/or experience in one or more aspects of glycoscience
  • Adequate space and resources provided by the Mentor
  • Long-term commitment of the Mentor to the candidate (including available funding to support costs not provided by the grant)
  • Commitment of candidate and mentor to participate in program activities throughout the training period
  • Considerations for increasing the number of underrepresented students in glycoscience research