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GLOW Project Scope 

Our aim is to apply specialized glycan analysis technologies to support new collaborative research in women’s health

This planning grant will increase productivity in women’s health by providing seed support intended to bring a detailed glycomics perspective to new UC-wide projects. We propose five such pilot projects in conjunction with the UC Biomedical Glycomics Collaborative.

  • The projects cover diverse topics such as vaginal dysbiosis, preeclampsia, birth injury, and maternal immunity.

Project 1: Resident microbes shape the vaginal epithelial glycan landscape

Owners of Project 1:

  • Amanda Lewis - UCSD
  • Carlito Lebrilla - UCD

Project 2: Immunosuppresive sialoglycans in maternal-fetal tolerance

Owners of Project 2:

  • Adrian Erlebacher - UCSF
  • Susan Fisher - UCSF
  • Biswa Choudhury - UCSD

Project 3: The effect of pregnancy on antibody glycosylation and effector function

Owners of Project 3:

  • Stephanie Gaw - UCSF
  • Carlito Lebrilla - UCD

Project 4: Cytothrophoblast glycosylation in preeclampsia

Owners of Project 4:

  • Susan Fisher - UCSF
  • Biswa Choudhury - UCSD

Project 5: Muscle stem cells and proteoglycans: role in birth injury to the pelvic floor

Owners of Project 5:

  • Marianna Alperin - UCSD
  • Kamil Godula - UCSD
  • Biswa Choudhury- UCSD

glow project diagram