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Glycoscience Of Women’s Health (GLOW)

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Objective: To stimulate and support pioneering collaborations that advance Women’s health and position the UC system, and especially UCSD as a global leader in the glycoscience of women’s health.

Our goal is to advance areas of women’s health research that are understudied relative to their impact on quality of life, health outcomes, and participation in the California workforce. To do this, our consortium (in the planning stage) will cross-fertilize women’s health with another unique strength of the UC system – Glycoscience

This 2-year planning grant aims to establish the UC Glycosciences Consortium for Women’s Health (GLOW). The consortium will be led by three Co-PIs:

  • Amanda Lewis - UC San Diego 
  • Susan Fisher - UC San Francisco 
  • Carlito Lebrilla - UC Davis 

As a planning grant, the main goals are the following:

First, we aim to attract women’s health researchers into the glycosciences by providing seed support for glycan analysis for new collaborative projects. Analysis of project samples, most of which are already available, will occur in the GlycoAnalytics core facility at UC San Diego and the Lebrilla Medical Glycomics Mass Spec Lab at UC Davis.

We have selected five pilot projects for initial support in diverse areas impacting women, such as:

  • the vaginal microbiome
  • maternal immunity
  • pregnancy complications
  • birth injury
Second, we hope to foster cohesion and world-class research in the Glycoscience of Women’s Health by hosting two events:
  • a research symposium that cultivates innovative UC research collaborations, mentorship, and career development
  • GlycoBootcamp, a hands-on research training workshop in glycan analysis. We will enhance training opportunities and encourage diverse trainee participation by awarding scholarships to attend these events
It is our intent that these activities:
  • attract and retain diverse talent to the Glycosciences
  • drive new discoveries that value the health of women
  • build a framework that will ultimately
  • establish UC as the premier global leader in the glycoscience of women’s health

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