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The modern revolution in molecular biology focused mostly on some of the components of biological systems. In particular, technical and other difficulties have limited attention to a major class of molecules called glycans, which are now known to be intimately involved in many aspects of physiology, biology, pathology and biotechnology. With the improvement in analytical methods and other information resources in the last few decades, there emerged a field called "Glycobiology", which is essentially the study of the molecular and cellular biology of glycans and their biological roles in health and disease. UCSD and the La Jolla area developed major programs in glycobiology. These developments resulted in the formation of the Glycobiology Research and Training Center at UCSD about 10 years ago, which brought together a wide range of faculty interested in glycans. The Center focuses both on research and training and obtained extramural support and recognition rapidly. At the first 5-year review the Center received a very positive evaluation, with the statement that: "UCSD is now considered one of the foremost centers, and possibly the single most important center in the world, for research in glycobiology".