Introduction to Glycobiology | Fall Quarter 2016

Course Syllabus

1 Concepts of Glycoscience K. Godula/J. Esko
2 Diversity of Glycan Structures K. Godula
3 Properties of Glycans K. Godula
4 Making Glycans from Scratch K. Godula
5 Biosynthesis of Glycans K. Godula
6 Glycan Interactions K. Godula
7 Methods to Study Glycans K. Godula
8 O-Glycans K. Godula
9 N-Glycans J. Esko
10 Glycosaminoglycans J. Esko
11 Glycolipids J. Esko
12 Plant Glycans J. Esko
13 Where do glycans go to die? J. Esko
14 The Evil Side of Glycans J. Esko
15 Glycan-pathogen Interactions J. Esko
16 Glycans in Evolution P. Gagneux
17 Glycans in biotechnology, padding bioenergy and materials K. Godula

Course Faculty

Kamil Godula
Assistant Professor
Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry
UC San Diego
Godula lab website
Jeffrey Esko
Distinguished Professor
Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
UC San Diego
Esko lab website
Pascal Gagneux
Associate Professor
Department of Pathology
UC San Diego
Gagneux lab website