Current literature in glycobiology 2013/2014

(MED 246 | BIOM 246 | CMM 246)
FA13, WI14, SP14
Fridays from 12:00pm - 1:00pm
BSRF2, Room 4103

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Publications are presented in an informal discussion setting to students, post-docs and faculty. Typcially, there are 20-25 weekly attendees. Links to PubMed for each article is provided below. Topics include glycan chemistry, biochemistry, genetics, cell biology and molecular biology in animals, plants and microbes as well as medical aspects of glycobiology. Registration for the course (1 credit per quarter) is done through the registrar's office.

Faculty Instructors: Drs. Lars Bode, Jeffrey Esko, Ajit Varki, & Pascal Gagneux

Friday Publication Presented By Full Text
Sept 20 Course Welcome
Lars Bode, Associate Professor
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Sept 27 Ng KM, et al (2013) Microbiota-liberated host sugars facilitate post-antibiotic expansion of enteric pathogens. Nature. Epub. PMID: 23995682
Pascal Gagneux, Associate Professor
Oct 4 Li S, et al (2013) Pathogen blocks host death receptor signaling by arginine GlcNAcylation of death domains. Nature. 501(7466):242-6. PMID: 23955153
Flavio Schwarz, Postdoc
Oct 11 Tian X, et al (2013) High-molecular-mass hyaluronan mediates the cancer resistance of the naked mole rat. Nature. 499(7458):346-9. PMCID: PMC3720720
Jerry Fong, Postdoc
Oct 18
CARTA Symposium
Oct 25 Smilowitz JT, et al (2013) Human Milk Secretory Immunoglobin A and Lactoferrin N-Glycans Are Altered in Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. J Nutr. [Epub]. PMID: 24047700
Sequoyah Reynoso, BMS
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Nov 1 Shan M, et al (2013) Mucus enhances gut homeostasis and oral tolerance by delivering immunoregulatory signals. Science. 342(6157):447-53. PMID: 24072822
Heinz Laubli, Postdoc
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Nov 8 Ramakrishnan P, et al (2013) Activation of the Transcriptional Function of the NF-{kappa}B Protein c-Rel by O-GlcNAc Glycosylation. Sci Signal. 6(290):ra75. PMID: 23982206
Jonathan Okerblom, BMS
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Nov 15 D'Angelo G, et al (2013) Vesicular and non-vesicular transport feed distinct glycosylation pathways in the Golgi. Nature. 501(7465):116-20. PMID: 23913272
Bryan Thacker, BMS
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Nov 22 Boskovski MT, et al (2013) The heterotaxy gene GALNT11 glycosylates Notch to orchestrate cilia type and laterality. Nature. [ePub]. PMID: 24226769
Daniel Sandoval, BMS
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Nov 29
Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec 6 Goddeeris MM, et al (2013) LARGE Glycans on dystroglycan function as a tunable matrix scaffold to prevent dystrophy. Nature. 503(7474):136-40. PMID: 24132234
Corinna Landig, BMS
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Dec 13 Sampath S, et al (2013) Glycan Masking of Plasmodium vivax Duffy Binding Protein for Probing Protein Binding Function and Vaccine Development. PLoS Pathog. 9(6):e10003420. PMCID: PMC3681752
Stevan Springer, Postdoc
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Dec 20
Winter Break
Dec 27
Winter Break
Jan 3, 2014
Winter Break
Jan 10 Kong L, et al (2013) Hepatitis C virus E2 envelope glycoprotein core structure. Science. 342 (6162):1090-4. PMID: 24288331
Annie Samraj, Postdoc
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Jan 17
Jan 24 Parkinson W, et al (2013) N-glycosylation requirements in neuromuscular synaptogenesis. Development. 140(24):4970-81. PMCID: PMC3848190
Eillen Tecle, Postdoc
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Jan 31 Jang, et al. (2012) O-GlcNAc regulates pluripotency and reprogramming by directly acting on core components of the pluripotency network. Cell Stem Cell. PMID: 22608532
Frederico Da Silva, Postdoc
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Feb 7 Kapur R, et al (2014) A prominent lack of IgG1-Fc fucosylation of platelet alloantibodies in pregnancy. Blood. 123 (4):471-80. PMCID: PMC3901064
Yuko Matsui, Postdoc
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Feb 14 Grewal PK, et al. (2013) Inducing host protection in pneumococcal sepsis by reactivation of the Ashwell-Morell receptor. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. PMCID: PMC3864324
Ryan Nock, BMS
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Feb 21
CARTA Symposium
Feb 28 Yagi H, et al. (2013) AGO61-dependent GlcNAc modification primes the formation of functional glycans on α-dystroglycan. Sci Rep. PMCID: PMC3836086
Chrissa Dwyer, Postdoc
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Mar 7
Mar 14
Mar 21
San Diego Glycobiology Symposium
Mar 28
Cesar Chavez Holiday
Apr 4 Croci, DO et al (2014) Glycosylation-dependent lectin-receptor interactions preserve angiogenesis in anti-VEGF refractory tumors. Cell. 156(4):744-58. PMID: 24529377
Xander van Wijk, Postdoc
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Apr 11 Tegtmeyer LC, et al. (2014) Multiple phenotypes in phosphoglucomutase 1 deficiency. N Engl J Med. PMID: 24499211
Philip Gordts, Postdoc
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Apr 18 Hudak JE, et al. (2014) Glycocalyx engineering reveals a Siglec-based mechanism for NK cell immunoinvasion. Nat Chem Biol. PMCID: PMC3893890
Lingquan Deng, Postdoc
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Apr 25
Experimental Biology Symposium
May 2 Rakoff-Nahoum S, et al. (2014) An ecological network of polysaccharide utilization among human intestinal symbionts. Curr Biol. PMCID: PMC3924574
Pranitha Kamat, Postdoc
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May 9 Agrawal P, et al. (2014) Mapping posttranscriptional regulation of the human glycome uncovers microRNa defining the glycocode. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 111(11):4338-43. PMCID: PMC3964104
Emylie Seamen, Postdoc
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May 16
CARTA Symposium
May 23 Keys T, et al. (2014) Engineering the product profile of a polysialyltransferase. Nat Cheml Biol. doi: 10.1038/nchembio.1501. [Epub ahead of print]. PMID 24727899
Wenyong Tong, Postdoc
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May 30 Tong M, et al. (2014) Reprogramming of gut microbiome energy metabolism by the FUT2 Crohn's disease risk Polymorphism. ISME J. PMID: 24781901
Chloe Autran, MSTP
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Jun 6 Chen C, et al. (2014) Circulating galectins -2, -4 and -8 in cancer patients make important contributions to the increased circulation of several cytokines and chemokines that promote angiogenesis and metastasis. Br J Cancer. PMCID: PMC3915140
Josh Sun, BMS
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Jun 14